How do I book Sapphire Nights?

To book Sapphire Nights simply contact us with details of your event using the CONTACT link above. We will then let you know the exact fee and ask you for 20% deposit, payable by BACS. Once this is received you will receive a legally binding contract by email which confirms the booking for both parties. The balance is payable via BACS anytime up to one day prior to the event.

The contract is signed by you and the band, and is legally binding between both parties. Neither party can cancel without good reason.  If you need to cancel, it can only be for one of the reasons outlined within the contract, otherwise termination fees will be incurred, so please read the contract carefully before signing. 

What will Cover Sapphire Nights need from us during the event?

The band will need a private room in which to change and wait prior to performance and during the interval, ideally situated near to the stage. We ask that clients provide soft drinks during the event for band members and if the booking involves the band being present for longer than three hours a buffet or meal should be provided. Remember a happy band will perform at their best!

How much room does Sapphire Nights need and how loud will they be?

We generally ask for a space approximately 3x4 metres to comfortable perform in. We'll also need at least three separate plug sockets rated at 13amps each as a minimum.

Sapphire Nights perform with an acoustic drum kit for the most authentic sound. Because of this , the other instruments have to match the volume of the drums so you should expect the band to be fairly loud. However we keep levels to a safe minimum necessary to do this and to enhance your enjoyment.

Can I get up on stage and sing/dance? Can my friends or family perform?

Due to the expense of personal instruments and P.A. equipment, and the legal/Health and Safety liabilities involved it is unfortunately not possible for us to allow the public on stage during a performance under any circumstances.

PAT Testing and Public Liability

Sapphire Nights has public liability insurance and all equipment is annually PAT tested for safety. Certificates are available on request.

Can I order a first dance song/special request that is not on the list?

Yes! However there will be an additional fee for this to cover the costs of rehearsal time. Please specify any additional songs at the time of initial booking. We are unable accommodate new songs unless we have at least four weeks in which to learn them before the event.